About Dilly's Cushions

As a Mum of two I spend a lot of time outside during the Spring and Summer months entertaining friends and family. My BBQ seating was just the typical garden centre set with bland beige covers offering limited comfort.  I wanted to improve the comfort and add a splash of vibrant colour and so I went in search of outdoor cushions to brighten things up. After weeks of hunting I still hadn’t found anything suitable for outdoor use, it seemed colourful outdoor cushions just didn’t exist.

I found lots of cushions, but most would fade, get damp and then go mouldy and of course, every night I would have to put them away. I instead decided to find the perfect weatherproof material and to make the cushions myself. 
After researching I found the perfect solution, a fabric that is waterproof, UV, mould and fade resistant. It also comes in a range of stunning colours and patterns.  And so I set to work to make my cushions…..I started to design and make the cushions in various shapes and sizes for my own outdoor seating areas.

My cushions have been in use for a year now and they honestly still look like new.  Should one get dirty I simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. I leave them outside during the Summer months and if we have an unexpected shower and the rain gets in through the seams or cushion backs, the Polyester innards soon dry out in the sun. 

I don’t leave them out in storms or heavy rain and I tend to store them indoors during the winter months.

Friends, family and visitors have all commented on how lovely the cushions look and often asked where they could buy them, and so again, I set to work…..

My range of cushions are all different with individual colours and accessories. They come in range of sizes that are eye-catching and fun, and of course perfect for outdoor use.

I can make cushions to order and have a range of stock available to purchase today. Please see my price list and cushion range, and feel free to contact me for more information.

~ Dilly